The Market Common

Client: The Market Common

Skill: Cinematography / Editing / Photography

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This was a great project.  We were tasked to showcase The Market Common in Myrtle Beach, SC. and inform potential retailers what TMC has to offer potential clients.


Create Awesomeness spent two days with McGarryBowen learning the ins and outs of a well oiled machine, The Marriot Hotel in Tampa.

Client: McGarryBowen agency

Skill: Cinematography / Videography / Editing

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People Matter

Client: People Matter LLC

Skill: Directo / Cinematography / Editing

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People Matter came to us to produce an all encompassing commercial to have on their home page.  The goal was to reach people in the service industries and to have them recognize the shortcomings with their current management solutions, and hopefully purchase People Matter software.

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