Charleston Day School

Client: Charleston Day School

Skill: Director / Editor / Cinematographer

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Charleston Day School was looking for a film that would highlight their unique traits and qualities as seen by an outsider.  Create Awesomeness spent 7 days at Charleston Day meeting teachers and students and filming all of the going-ons of their day to day.  It didn't take long for us to see what makes CDS special - the students.  Every child on campus was outgoing on extremely polite to the CA crew,

Nativity Prep

Client: Nativity Prep

Skill: Director / Editor

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Nativity Prep has become a beacon of hope for the disenfranchised youth of New Bedford, MA.  With a committed faculty and an support group that grows larger every day, these kids are afforded opportunities once thought to be out of their reach.  Each and every student rises to the occasion and exemplifies what it means to be a hard working young man.

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